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New to the UK?

If you’ve recently arrived in the UK, we at Page Personnel Secretarial & Business Support would like to start by saying… welcome! There are some great opportunities for secretarial and business support staff out there at the moment and we're here to help you grab them with both hands.

We realise that when you move to a new country, getting a job is only part of the picture. Finding a place to live, registering with a doctor, obtaining a National Insurance number - it can all be quite daunting when everything's unfamiliar. The following provides information on:
  • Visas
  • Accommodation
  • Obtaining your NI number
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Tax in the UK
  • Useful numbers and websites


Unless you're a British citizen or a resident of one of the EEA states, you may need a visa before you can work in the UK. If you are an EEA national you will need to register with the Home Office within one month of starting a job.
For job seekers from outside the UK and the EEA, please consult the UK Border Agency website for more information on the different categories for points-based immigration.


Most rental properties in the UK are let furnished and include all the basics you need to set up house. Apart from your monthly rent, you will need to budget for additional expenses including utilities, council tax and TV licence.
If you don't want to go through an agency, you can try TNT, SpareRoom or Gumtree, all of which are good online resources for flat hunters.

Obtaining a National Insurance number

Your National Insurance (NI) number is used by employers to identify you for tax purposes. It also guarantees your eligibility for free medical care. Our payroll department will provide you with a temporary NI number for your first assignment, but it's the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) who will issue you with a permanent NI number.

Setting up a bank account

We recommend setting up a bank account before you start your first assignment to make sure you're paid on time. You will probably need to provide the following documentation before you can progress:
  • Passport
  • An original statement from a bank in your country of origin
  • Proof of address - a utility bill will suffice

Tax in the UK

PAYE is the system whereby income tax is automatically deducted from wages on behalf of the Inland Revenue. If you’re PAYE registered, Page Personnel Secretarial & Business Support will deduct your tax and NI at source.
If you’ve previously worked in the UK please enclose your P45 with your first timesheet. Otherwise you will need to fill out a P46, available from the payroll department at Page Personnel
For general tax and self assessment queries:

Useful numbers and websites

Page Personnel Secretarial & Business Support  
London City 020 7776 5920
London West End 020 7269 2300
Leeds 0113 388 9000
Manchester 0161 819 5500
Thames Valley 0118 933 7020
Weybridge 01932 264 000
Payroll Number 01753 849 317
Payroll Fax 0870 242 1490
[email protected]
Services & Amenities  
Emergency 999
UK Directory Enquiries 118 500
UK Operator 100
International Operator 155
Post Office
NHS Direct
British Dental Association
Inland Revenue
Department for Work and Pensions
British Home Office (Imigration)
Australian High Commission
New Zealand High Commission
South African High Commission
Travel and transport  
Transport for London
National Rail Enquiries
National Express Coaches
Antipodeon community  
TNT Magazine