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Interview tips

Our consultants at Page Personnel have conducted thousands of interviews with candidates looking for roles, across a wide variety of sectors and industries. We have an abundance of experience in helping people to effectively sell their skills and experience during an interview, and land their dream roles. Our consultants can help you create a CV, cover letter, and provide advice on how to improve yourself professionally in line with your career goals. We can also help you to prepare for a wide range of interviews, be it telephone, video or face to face. Entering into the world of work for the first time, or looking to change careers can be daunting, that’s why we want to help you best prepare for your next job interview.

Regardless of the type of interview that you are attending, it is key that you make a good first impression with your potential employer, as this will give you a better chance of being offered the role. You should expect to be assessed throughout the interview process, the interviewer will ask you a series of questions about past experiences at work or in life. Sometimes there is also an element of testing involved, designed to assess whether or not you have the skills needed to perform the job effectively.

We understand that attending an interview can be a stressful prospect, regardless of your age or seniority level. It can be challenging to answer on-the-spot questions and talk about your experience in a positive, and engaging way that excites the interviewer enough to offer you the role. However, it is normal and expected by interviewers, that you will feel nervous. Thorough preparation can help with this, including listing past experiences and learning about the organisation in full before attending the interview.

Our team of specialist recruitment consultants can offer you the advice that you need to attend an interview feeling confident. From questions to ask your recruiter before attending an interview to the worst mistakes you can make during an interview, we have the expertise to help you succeed. Explore our advice and top tips to ensure you have the best chance of landing your dream role.