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Employee development and retention

It is no news that candidate requirements have shifted in terms of working environment, benefits, and salary expectations, when looking for a job or considering a career change. However, one of the most important factors that will persuade a candidate to remain with a company or seek employment elsewhere, is their professional development. It is important that all members of your team have a personal development plan and that potential candidates are made aware of their opportunities for growth as part of your team. Not only does this ensure happy and engaged employees, but for those considering their options it will highlight a productive future with your company, and encourage them to choose your business to grow and develop themselves professionally within. Not only is this expected by candidates, but it is needed to ensure that they are improving and gaining skills that will impact your business in a positive way.

Businesses should be aware of the positive knock-on effects that training and development can have. Not only does it increase retention rates within a business, but it can also increase productivity and morale within the team, and wider organisation. Implementing training and development plans in your business will ensure that your employees can picture themselves working with you for a prolonged period of time.

A key tool for any business looking to hire is their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). At Page Personnel, we can help you to improve your appeal to top talent, and professional development plans are a great place to start. Implementing these plans into your business and management requirements will help to retain top talent, but they will also attract new talent to the business. Once you have built a reputation as a business that trains and develops their staff, newly available, top talent on the market will look to you as their employer of choice.

Looking through our management advice articles will help you to improve the training and development programmes within your business. From looking at how to meet younger employees’ flexible working expectations to the importance of retaining your staff, we can provide the insight from our specialist recruitment consultants to drive professional success in your business and teams.