Here are Page Personnel Secretarial and Business Support’s top tips for the being the best PA you can be. 

Keep track of your boss’ schedule. It is essential that you know where your boss is and who he intends to meet. Keep track of his or her schedule in your own personal planner. 
Always be one step ahead. Working on a one-to-one basis with your boss will inevitably become a dance of sorts. Take note of his routine, habits, likes and dislikes, ensuring that you know what to expect. Don’t underestimate the importance of fetching their favourite sushi or screening any unwanted calls. Remember, this is a partnership. 
Confidentiality is key. Be discreet and always keep any private or professional information to yourself. Trust is vital for this partnership to work. 
Become indispensible. It is your aim to become irreplaceable. A good assistant knows how to multitask and prioritise. Familiarising yourself with the way your boss works will assist you in making daily decisions for yourself, and on his or her behalf.
Own your mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. The bigger the blunder, the more intense the lesson will be. The worst thing you can do is make an excuse. It's a sign that you are not willing to own your actions. When you make an error, own up, apologize and state a plan of action moving forward.
Keep learning. You will gain vital skills by simply watching the way your boss conducts his or her day-to-day business. Always ask what else you can do to take the pressure off; be it conducting research, formatting a presentation or simply getting lunch. 
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