Five stats on the UK workforce that ALL employers need to know right now

In a changing landscape, it pays to stay on top of current trends and understand the sentiments of talent in the market. More than ever, decisions need to be based on data and insights.
At PageGroup, we are committed to providing useful and actionable information on what is happening the market, on a national, regional, and industry-specific level.
By utilising our Page Insights market insights tool, pulse surveys of both professionals and employers from our database, and polls of our extensive social media network we can provide a unique overview of what is happening in your market.
Here are five key stats that all employers need to know right now. 


70% of professionals are reassessing their career options and priorities*

When asked whether the circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 crisis had forced individuals to reassess their career options and priorities, 70% said yes. Responses from this question came from professionals who were not only unemployed, but also those on furlough leave, and currently working. In another survey, some 44% of employees told us they do not plan to stay with their current employer beyond 12 months.
What does this mean for employers? Top talent is highly sought after and in the current market, retaining your best performers is key. If your staff are questioning their future at your organisation, then you need to find out why and resolve any issues. 


A quarter of employees feel there is not enough communication from their employer**

While 73% of professionals said they felt supported by their employer during the crisis, less than one third felt they were well informed. Of these professionals, 25% said there was not enough communication from their employers.

What does this mean? Poor communication can often be seen as lack of transparency, which can lead to mistrust and, as a result, unmotivated, ill-informed staff who may begin to question their abilities and eventually the organisation as a whole.

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72% of employees have taken less than a quarter of their annual leave allocation***

When surveyed, just 4% of professionals had used more than three-quarters of their annual leave, 5% had used between half and three quarters, 19% had taken a quarter to half, and 72% had taken less than a quarter.
What are the impacts of this? Juggling the return to work along with sick leave and reduced resource is a challenge. Adding to this a team of professionals all needing to take most of their holidays at the same time makes for a much more difficult situation. 


Three in five individuals want to be able to work from home more than previously*

Our candidate survey found that 60% of professionals want to be able to work from home more. However, just 10% want to be able to do this full time, with the majority highlighting they would like to be able to work from home as and when needed (43%), 23% said they would like to work from home two days a week, and 14% said three days a week.

How does this affect organisations? Understanding the needs and wants of your employees is so important. The shape of the working world is changing, and you need to be able to meet the expectations of professionals to retain and attract top talent. 


60% of employees are looking forward to a return to their workplace**

When asked about how they feel about returning to the office, one in six identified they were looking forward to it. Of these individuals, 18% said that they are a little nervous and 32% are excited or slightly excited to go back to the office.
What do employers need to consider? While the majority want to return to the office, there will be a group of employees who cannot or do not feel comfortable returning to the office just yet. Assessing the thoughts and feelings of your employees will be key in planning for a return to work.

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*PageGroup candidate pulse survey. Results include responses from 1st July – 12th July.
**PageGroup survey conducted throughout June aimed at job seekers in the market.
***Michael Page social media poll conducted 8th July including 821 responses.

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