Evolving skill sets: how to secure top talent

In the competitive and ever-changing market of today, the skill sets required by employers are constantly shifting and adapting. The introduction of millennials to the workforce has meant that managers are now leading a group of professionals with differing aspirations from traditional careers. This, combined with the changing market means that businesses need to stay ahead of consumer demands more than ever, which, in turn, equals a need for increased efficiency in the workplace. 

The core skills of talented professionals across all disciplines are in high demand. It is important to recognise what competitors are looking for in the market and to understand the importance of these skills to gauge how useful they are for your business. 

Today’s saturated market

In the candidate-led market of today, good candidates have high expectations when entering the workforce. They expect a good benefits package and a clear line of progression in their role. If you consider the fact that many professionals are actually looking at the opportunity beyond the one they are interviewing for, it is no surprise that candidates are therefore much more likely to move businesses to achieve their career goals. If you are looking to hire top talent, there is no doubt that the best candidates have multiple opportunities and potential offers to consider.

What are top professionals looking for in a new role?

  • Clear progression and career development.
  • A good benefits package and a competitive salary.
  • Good brand perception of the business - top candidates want to work for a positively viewed and engaging business.


Run a streamlined recruitment process

It is crucial for businesses to streamline their recruitment processes when looking to hire top talent, as this will reinforce positive brand awareness. A quick turnaround between interview stages is a great way to highlight your interest and reflects well on your brand image. First impressions are important; engaging interviews and prompt, constructive feedback will be remembered by a candidate. A clear and detailed job spec is a positive way to promote the organisation. 

A Regional Manager at a leading parcels business states:

“As the market becomes more competitive, the need to run thorough recruitment processes to make sure you can identify and hire the best increases. Interviews are a two-way conversation. You must represent yourself and the business in the right way.”

Offer management

If you are looking to offer a role to a candidate, it is important that you go in with the right offer at the first opportunity. This will increase the chances of acceptance and minimise the risk of the candidate being bought back or sharing a negative experience of your business with others.

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