Culture fit in a business can be defined in many ways, and is becoming increasingly important. When looking to hire, ensuring that your new employee will be successful in the team and general business is paramount to creating an overall positive company culture. Defining a good company culture and promoting this properly, is crucial to attract the top talent on the market today.

How important is culture fit in property and construction?

The lack of a positive culture within a business can cause employees to feel undervalued, unmotivated and underdeveloped within their roles. If staff feel like the company culture is negative, then they may feel pushed to search for job opportunities elsewhere. In the candidate-led market of today, it can be difficult to attract and hire top talent, meaning that employee satisfaction is key.

Businesses should define and outline their desired company culture before beginning their recruitment process. Defining a company culture provides business leaders with a clear view of what they should be looking for in candidates. It is important to look at the soft skills that professionals possess when recruiting, as well as their technical abilities.

Professionals want to feel connected to their organisation’s mission and overall goal. This is why providing a platform for individuals to put forward new ideas and collaborate with their team members freely, is so important. Diversity and inclusion are a growing focus for people in the workplace today. If your employees are satisfied at work and feel comfortable to bring their true selves to work, then you are more likely to attract a diverse and talented workforce in the future.

Promoting your company culture

It is important to promote your company culture so that prospective employees are aware of your brand and to showcase what a career as part of your business might look like. Presenting your company culture can be done in different ways. Utilising your online presence is a great way to get your culture out there, through uploading authentic photographs and videos of your business. 

Give potential employees an easy way to visualise what it would be like to work for you. It is a good idea to include testimonials on the website to give examples of what it is like to work for your company, from people that are currently a part of the business. It is important to highlight the key benefits of working for your organisation through an easy to find ‘work for us’ section.

Interviewing potential candidates

It is crucial throughout the interview process to map out a set of questions that can help you to get to know a candidate’s work ethic, attitude and personal values. This can be done in a number of ways, through asking behavioural based questions rather than just competency-based ones. A personal reference might also be helpful to better understand how they perform in a work environment.

What makes an ideal candidate?

The right addition for your team can be difficult to find, and of course, the ‘ideal’ candidate will differ from role and company. It is crucial to search for professionals that possess the necessary technical skills for the role as well as the right personality and attitude to perform the job well.  Neither of these attributes is more important than the other.

A professional with the ability to do the work well may feel unhappy if they are in a company environment that doesn’t offer them the right level of support to succeed. Alternatively, if the candidate has a positive attitude and demonstrates many of the soft skills required for the role, but doesn’t have the technical ability to perform well, they will find themselves frustrated at work. Furthermore, your business and revenue may suffer if you hire people that aren’t able to do the work that you need of them. 

If you are looking to recruit within the property and construction sector, we can help you find talented professionals for your business. To find out more, please get in touch with your local Page Personnel office today.

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