The skills gap in property and construction, the increase in the demand for housing, and the ongoing shortage of materials for traditional builds are still high on the agenda for industry leaders. As long as build schedules continue to restrict organisations from meeting Government targets for new homes, it is no surprise that modular builds are being adopted as an alternative solution.

It is important for organisations to hire the right talent, professionals who are skilled and able to help to develop their organisation amidst these changes and challenges. So, what skills should you be hiring to lead your modular build projects?

Hiring the right people

Modular building is a relatively new area within property and construction. Therefore, businesses are looking to get ahead of their competition by developing their strategies now. However, to do this they need skilled professionals with the right experience, which can be difficult as there is a low supply of talent in today’s market. You should work hard to find the right people and focus on the skill sets they possess, rather than solely on the experience in a particular area. We have gathered the key skills you should be looking for in professionals.

Key skill sets for modular builds

Certain roles are harder to source the right people for than others in the property and construction industry. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial that you are aware of these key roles and skill sets that are in particularly high demand. 

Quantity surveying

Quantity surveyors, who sit within the commercial team, have been a difficult role to fill for several years and continue to be difficult for our clients to find. This is a crucial role for modular builds as the evaluation of pricing is key to determine the length and cost of any given project.

Land management

Within land management, clients often look outside of the box to find new hires. However, regulation constraints from local authorities and the government mean that is a continued demand for more people to help achieve land acquisition goals.

Manufacturing/factory experience

Knowledge of production lines and agile environments are hugely beneficial to running an efficient production environment.


Within the production teams, there are more organisations than ever vying for the best talent on or off the market. The market has seen a market-wide lack of trades, which causes issues for our clients on a daily basis.

Knowing that you require these professionals within your business is one thing, but identifying top talent throughout your recruitment process can be more difficult. Dealing with a skilled agency that understands the demands of the industry both within and without modular builds is an edge on your competitors who are hiring for the same positions. Clients will need to look beyond traditional skill sets as more work will be done in a controlled environment and not on site.

Attracting talent

With regards to the modular build sector, much of the new workforce has come from other sectors, such as manufacturing, industrial, or FMCG related industries whereby a production factory environment is their regular working environment. The uncertainty in the market, with reference to Brexit as well as a lack of influx through apprenticeships or graduates seeking careers in construction, has also seen the need for professionals rise. 

In this candidate-led market, the property and construction sector needs an industry-wide push to re-brand and re-educate potential professionals on the possibilities that lie within the sector. Businesses should be targeting potential candidates throughout their education to encourage apprenticeships and the study of construction-related degrees, so they can enter the industry after graduation. 

If you are looking to hire within the property and construction sector, get in touch with our specialist recruitment consultants. We can provide direct insight into today’s market, as well as a hand-picked shortlist of top talent suited to your vacancy and organisation. 

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