How to attract the best candidates

It’s true that a company’s most important asset is their people, so if you want a successful business make sure you’re hiring the best candidates. Placing the right people in the right roles will have an immediate effect on your business.

To attract the best candidates, it’s important you understand what motivates and inspires them to invest in a company. You should be working hard to promote your brand image, company values and opportunities; so candidates can assess what it’s like to work for you, and whether their requirements align with your offer.

Many of the best candidates will look for more than monetary reward when they’re considering an organisation. Some of the most common attributes top performers look for in a new employer include the following.

Alignment of values

Top performers are attracted to an organisation that shares their personal values. Promote your company’s ethics, which might be anything from delivering top customer service to social improvement and thought leadership. Convey the message to potential employees of what your culture rewards, such as teamwork or competitiveness. Doing this ensures likeminded individuals will apply for your roles.

An attractive employee value proposition (EVP)

What rewards and benefits do you offer that sets your company apart? Your EVP should be unique and aimed at the types of candidates you’re looking to hire. This means offering appropriate rewards for the type of work they’ll be expected to do. So, make it clear how achievement in your organisation is recognised and rewarded. Attractions can include opportunities for career development, competitive pay packages, flexible working hours and the expectation of expansion. The promotion of these through social media, your company website, advertising and current employees can boost your status.

A good reputation

Your employees are your best ambassadors when it comes to brand reputation and recognition. Professionals that actively network will be able to gain an insight into what it’s like to work in your organisation through your employees. If you’re not working to keep your staff happy, they could give you a bad reputation. A company that’s reputable will be a great attraction to most candidates, as it’s more likely to give them job satisfaction.

Opportunities for career progression

The majority of candidates will want to know there are development prospects for the role they’re applying for. Candidates are more likely to invest their talent in a company that’s willing to invest in them in return.

For more advice on how to attract the best candidates, check out our tips on selling your benefits and communicating your employer brand.

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