Sales professionals continue to drive business success despite the growing uncertainty in the market. There is no doubt that many businesses rely on this talent to promote growth and profitability. The uncertainty in the House of Commons has spread through to the entire country, sales businesses and professionals included. With the candidate-led market of today, it is no surprise that sales businesses are aiming to push forward, regardless of the economic and market uncertainty. So, although it is business as usual for many businesses, what effects is this having on sales organisations aiming to recruit top talent?

The reality is that top sales talent, if treated well, is unlikely to look for employment elsewhere. They are hot commodities and businesses are well aware of this. Therefore, they are look after. This, coupled with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has made it even more difficult for sales businesses to recruit from their competition. Some sales roles can be vacant for 6-12 months before the right candidate becomes available. If you want to encourage top sales professionals to work for you, you need to have a compelling offering. 

You should continue to drive forward and grow your business. Traditionally, sales companies have been very reliant on exporting to the European market, in light of the current economic market there has been a shift on domestic businesses and the Middle East. Regardless of this shift, there will still be a need for sales and trade to continue between the UK and respective EU countries, which means we have not seen a significant change in the sales recruitment market.

The talent shortage in sales

Similarly to many industries, there is a talent shortage in the sales sector. In an attempt to rectify this and to hire the best people, we are seeing sales organisations post job advertisements with multiple agencies, for a long period of time. Although this may seem to be the best way to get exposure and applicants, old job adverts that are seen across a multitude of job boards and recruitment agencies only reduce candidate confidence in that brand. Hiring one specialist recruiter, that understands your brand and employee value proposition, will ensure the greatest impact and is more effective in attracting the right people, with the right skills to fill your role.

Furthermore, businesses shouldn’t solely be reliant on advertising bodies in their recruitment strategies. Businesses should be recruiting proactively and even headhunting top talent to their organisation. If you go to an individual with a secure and attractive offering, it is more likely they will consider you for a position. 

Top tips for boosting attraction and retention

It is crucial that every business, regardless of industry or sector treats their employees well. In sales especially, professionals that are not happy are very likely to seek an opportunity elsewhere. Here are some key things to consider if you want to improve your offering to attract and retain top sales professionals. 

  • Have clear progression opportunities
  • Ensure target vs reward is attractive
  • Get to know your people and what motivates them. This will enable you to manage them effectively
  • Offer a competitive salary package
  • Build a strong brand image, with a compelling product portfolio
  • Ensure your vision is clear
  • Celebrate successes to ensure your employees know about your goals and general offering. It is important that everyone is aware of what success looks like in your business.

Recruiting in the sales industry

Although Brexit has led to growing uncertainty across the country, business as usual has continued across the sales industry. When the fog has cleared, opportunity will remain for sales businesses and professionals alike. Regardless of the outcome, the industry will reignite in the UK. Whether that means businesses work with different suppliers or alternative channels to get the best outcome. The challenge that businesses face is finding the talent to support business growth and navigate the change that approaches. Ultimately, businesses should be taking a proactive approach to hiring top talent available in the market today.

Running a single agency process and partnering with a specialist recruiter to form a comprehensive recruitment process with clear goals, stages, and strategy, is key in this competitive market.

If you are looking to hire within the sales sector please get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment consultants today.

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