4 reasons why personal assistants are essential in a post-pandemic world

In today’s uncertain commercial environment, hiring a new personal assistant may not be at the top of an executive’s priority list. But it is precisely in such challenging times as these that the value and utility of the role emerges - a PA, after all, is not just a simple cost. Rather, they are a savvy investment in a company’s efficiency and operational harmony, with potential to drive value and cost-savings.

Here at Page Personnel, we work with some of the biggest companies in the world to place a variety of candidates in administrative roles. With over 40 years of experience and an industry-leading network of candidates, we have access to invaluable talent, and observe every day the difference these hires make to our clients. 

So, why make the investment in a PA? Here are four major advantages they can bring to a leader or leadership team:


1.    Efficiency and Timesaving

All too often, CEOs and MDs find themselves pulled multiple directions and attending to a multitude of issues across their companies. With time being such a precious commodity, it is crucial that the administrative work which constitutes the bedrock of an organisation finds itself in capable hands, enabling the C-suite to focus on its core functions: leadership, big picture thinking, and expansion. 

Here, a skilled and experienced PA will truly make themselves felt by giving management back its all-important time and headspace, to focus on taking the company to the next level. 


2.    Value in Versatility

As we have seen, a PA’s organisational skills are critical in keeping operations running smoothly and effectively from an administrative point of view.

However, at Page Personnel we see every day that a PA brings infinitely more than this to the table. Increasingly, a PA acts as a lieutenant in everything from hiring and market research and communications and culture. It is precisely the diversity of the role that makes it a vital addition to any leader’s office.


3.    Extra Eyes and Ears

An effective executive cannot be and should not have to be everywhere at once. Good leaders rely upon the competency of those they entrust with the on-the-ground running of the business. But beyond monthly metrics and reports, how does the C-suite stay connected to the day-to-day troubles and triumphs of those they lead? A PA will act as the eyes and ears of the C-suite, providing essential insights into the challenges facing staff, whilst contributing to a culture of accountability and collaboration.


4.    An Essential Edge in Turbulent Times

During periods of economic turmoil, contraction or uncertainty, it is natural that hiring strategies will see re-evaluation, with some hires de-prioritised and postponed. But commercial downturns do not change the essential tasks of leadership: in fact, sound strategy and high-level management become more important than ever, and with them, the support of capable staff to keep things running. 

We note time and time again here at Page Personnel that the leadership teams who steer their businesses over choppy waters back to growth are all too often those that retain or even onboard new key support staff like PAs. Quality becomes the decisive factor here. One good hire can offset major commercial challenges by providing that practical edge which all leaders need to prioritise the essentials.

If you want to double down on value-for-money hires, a personal assistant could be the perfect place to start. You will be hard pushed to find another single role which drives increased productivity at the highest levels, provides a safe pair of hands to assist with virtually every executive function, and reliably delivers the micro-level insights into a company’s operations that might escape the attention of a busy leadership team. A PA is a good investment in good times, and a great one in bad. 

Nice-to-have? Certainly. But in today’s competitive and uncertain markets, a personal assistant is rapidly becoming a must-have too.

Page Personnel’s expertise and uniquely well-qualified talent network allows us to place top quality candidates with sector-leading companies year after year. If you plan to hire a personal assistant or are interested in exploring whether this could be the right option for you and your team, reach out to us for a confidential discussion.


Victoria Natillo 
Director, Page Personnel Secretarial & Business Support 

[email protected]

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