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Temp FAQs

Our Chatbot is currently under development, we apologise for the inconvenience. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions for temp workers. For any other queries please do contact our support service team:

Telephone: 0207 776 5932


Frequently asked questions:


Timesheet questions

How to enter ¼, ½ or ¾ of an hour/day on a timesheet
To enter any of the fractions of an hour, select the relevant radio button next to the box on the timesheet.
To enter any fraction of a day, leave the box blank and select the relevant radio button next to the box on the timesheet.
How to submit a timesheet (manually/electronically).
  • Enter hours/days worked
  • Click ‘Print for Manual Signing’
  • Click the blue ‘Back’ button
  • This will open a new tab; click ‘OK’ to open the timesheet
  • Print the PDF of the timesheet
  • Have your line manager sign the timesheet within the client signature box, write their name, and date it
  • Scan and send the timesheet back as a clear PDF to [email protected] for processing
  • Log in to the Portal
  • Enter hours/days worked
  • Click ‘Submit for Online Authorisation’
  • Click the blue ‘Back’ button
  • Your line manager will now need to log in to the portal and authorise your timesheet
How to amend a submitted timesheet
  • Go into the timesheet of the relevant week ending
  • Click ‘View’
  • Click ‘Cancel Authorisation’
  • Amend the hours/days worked
  • Submit the timesheet as done previously
Timesheet deadlines

If any timesheets are being submitted via external portals, or miss the deadline, payroll must be notified otherwise payment will not be made.


Payment Questions

How to view payslips
To view payslips, log in to the Page portal, click ‘Your Data’, then ‘Payslips’. Click on the desired date of the payslip you would like to view.
Info on holiday pay
Holiday pay is paid every hour/day you work on top of the basic hourly/daily pay rate. This is detailed in the assignment schedule you would have agreed to upon accepting your assignment. The two rates are separately listed on your payslip, for convenience. 
How to claim expenses
  • Scan/copy the original receipts
  • Have your line manager sign at the bottom and clearly print their name, job title and date it
  • E-mail the document to [email protected] for processing


How to opt out of the NEST pension scheme
To opt out of the NEST pension scheme and receive a full refund, you will need to do so within 30 days of being enrolled. If you have missed the 30 day opt out window, you can still opt out and cease contributions at any point.
To opt out over the phone:
0300 0200 090
We suggest having your NI number, and personal information at hand.
How to claim SSP
If you qualify for SSP and your absence from work is over 7 days, you will need to provide a doctor’s note.
If your absence from work is under 7 days, you will need to provide us with a Self-Certification note (which must be completed online).

Other Portal Queries

How to re-set password for portal
On the Page portal, click ‘Forgot Password’. You should receive an e-mail from Michael Page Admin/Back Office Portal with your user ID and unique reference. Follow the link in the e-mail to reset your username and password.
How to accept documents
Once you have created your username and password on the Page portal and entered in the required information, you will be prompted to accept document
  • To accept the documents click on View & Accept – this will open the document
  • Scroll to the bottom of the document
  • Tick the box and click Accept
  • Repeat for each document