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About Us

Søstrene Grene is an international Danish lifestyle brand with 260+ stores worldwide, which seeks to embellish everyday life with innovative and aesthetic designs to create joy and ‘hygge’. 

Søstrene Grene, which translates to ‘sisters Grene’ is centred around the tale of the two founding Grene sisters: the ever-creative Anna and the detail-oriented Clara. Internationally known for their aesthetic designs, dynamic assortments and affordable prices, the unique store concept offers customers a distinct sensory experience. The Company’s Head Office is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Søstrene Grene is known for its clear values and strong corporate culture and has experienced strong growth and expansion in recent years. Read more about Søstrene Grene. 

Our Employees

At Søstrene Grene, we focus on the natural joy and aesthetics of the little things in life. We firmly believe that being surrounded by high aesthetic quality will bring you joy in your daily life.

Our employees are positive and passionate and enjoy the challenge of a busy retail environment. They are curious, resourceful, and eager for opportunities to learn more. 

We appreciate the good, decent Sister virtues like respect, trust, and honesty, and we aspire to treat everyone in accordance with our values. 

Office Culture

Few days looks the same in Søstrene Grene and it is up to you to create a workday that brings out the best in you and our concept. Whether you are unpacking a delivery, restocking the shelves, or serving our customers it is guaranteed to be a busy day, and we promise that it never gets boring.

Your good ideas are always welcome here, and we try to act on them quickly. And when things are moving fast you can count on a pat on the back or a helping hand from one of your new ‘Sisters’.

‘Søstrene’ means Sisters in Danish, and so, in Søstrene Grene, we call each other Sisters. No matter gender, no matter position. It has always been like that, and we think it should stay like that.

Our Sister Spirit and our values define our culture. This is what helps us achieve our dreams and ambitions.
We aspire to form an enriching community that makes work feel less like work.

We support each other, we make each other stronger, and we laugh together. A lot. We call it ‘Sister Spirit’.

Career Development 

At Søstrene Grene, we focus on career development and nurturing our employees potential.  From retail assistant to store manager, to area manager.

The opportunity to grow your career is fully supported as we continue to grow throughout the UK and worldwide.

Brand Values

Søstrene Grene’s overall ambition is to touch people’s hearts based on our six core values: Joy, ‘Hygge’, Creativity, Finds, Ever Changing and Aesthetics.

Regardless of whether you are a customer or an employee entering a Søstrene Grene store, we want it to be a wonderful experience.

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Meet the team

Helen Markey
Area Manager

"Promoted to Area Manager, I’m in a a role which I thoroughly enjoy as it brings not only challenges, but also opportunities. No two days are ever the same. I work closely with my store managers to continue the success of Søstrene Grene in Northern Ireland and I report  to the Company Directors.

 So, If you want to work for a company who appreciates virtues like respect, trust and honesty, who want to bring joy into the everyday life of our customers and a company that listens and reacts to the opinions and ideas of all employees, then come join the Wonderful World of Anna and Clara and be part of an amazing expansion plan.”

Kirsty Riddle
Store Manager

"Having joined Søstrene Grene in 2015, I remember my first time walking into the Belfast store and thinking ‘I would love to work here’. The treasure trail of beautiful products the store had to offer around each corner and I was offered the job of Visual Merchandiser in Søstrene Grene Newry in July 2017, working alongside Helen Markey (Store Manager). 

After five wonderful years, I was promoted to the  Area Merchandiser role, working across the 3 stores in Northern Ireland: Newry, Bangor, and Belfast; leading the visual teams and striving for high store standards.  Working for Søstrene Grene is a privilege, as your ideas are always valued and respected by the senior management and directors. We are excited by the expansion plans for Søstrene Grene and my future with the company as I plan to stay with them for many years.”