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About Us 

With over 5,100 staff members and around 41,300 students – we are a big institution with even bigger ambitions. We are proud to be an integral part of the great city of Manchester, but our impact reaches around the globe. 

We are making a significant investment in realising our goals to further excel in our excellent teaching and research alongside our £400m campus and University infrastructure upgrade, we are investing in people, making Manchester Metropolitan the logical next step for talented, external relations professionals.

Our External Relations Directorate plays a key role in supporting the delivery of our product portfolio – from outstanding teaching and research to an amazing student experience. It’s a great time to be a part of the team as we reshape how we work in the future. 

We are going through exciting changes to put marketing excellence, impact and staff development at the heart of how we work. We are seeking talented, skilled and experienced staff who share our vision to come and  help us bring the vision to life. 

Our Values 

Across Manchester Met, you will find a strong sense of community and colleague support: a place where collaboration and co-creation are central to the way we work. People are the cornerstone of our University, demonstrated through our values.

We place students at the heart of what we do, recognising every student journey matters and that every member of our University can positively impact the student experience. 

We recognise everyone’s contribution and strive to ensure that both our students and staff achieve their full potential. We develop our staff to succeed, support each other and recognise individual needs, knowing we can achieve more when we work together. 

We anticipate emerging opportunities and challenges and act on them; innovating to achieve real-world results and embracing change in teaching and learning as well as through our research. 

We champion equality, diversity and inclusion through a transformative employee and student journey. We enrich our communities, and respect and improve the world around us. 

We are proud to be a part of our University, and we are ready to tell the world about its successes. We are confident and enthusiastic about the difference we make in transforming lives and contributing to society.

Engaging with the Community 

We are proud to be a university at the heart of a local community, our campus is in close proximity to Manchester city centre. We work extensively with our closest neighbours and partners to ensure our research delivers real world impact and builds on our long history of participatory and co-productive practice. We support our students to connect with our closest communities through their studies, volunteering, paid or co-curricular opportunities. 

Approachable and responsive, our staff are passionate about making a difference. As a partner of the Greater Manchester Civic University Agreement, Manchester Met recognises the opportunity we have to deliver social, economic and environmental change in the city region, and the need to work with local communities on shared priorities. 


We are one of the UK’s greenest universities, based on our environmental policy, sustainability, and recycling. We have been in the top 3 in the UK Planet and People awards for the past 10 years and we are the world’s first university to help students become carbon literate.

Our institutional strategy for sustainability will ensure we build upon these achievements through the following aims:

  • Our programmes will equip students to shape a more sustainable future and we will work with employers to identify the sustainability skills needed in graduates.
  • We will embed sustainability into our campus and the way we work.
  • Our carbon management plan will keep us on track to reach our target of reducing our carbon-emissions related to fuel and energy use to zero.
  • Our leadership in sustainability will not only add value to our local, national and international engagement activities, but support our city-region on its journey to net zero carbon by 2038.

Career Development 

Manchester Met is widely recognised for the quality of our colleague support and development programmes, holding accreditation with the Institute of Leadership and Management and Advance HE. We are committed to creating a culture which supports and encourages colleagues to engage with learning and development so that they can excel in their role, drive the delivery of our University strategy, and develop professionally.

Our Employees  

  •  We believe that having a diverse and inclusive workforce makes us a stronger university, providing better outcomes for our students, research, and business partners. In recognition of our commitment to addressing inequalities while promoting diversity and inclusivity, we have renewed our equality objectives from 2021-25.
  • These set out how we will progress equality and inclusion across the University over the next four years and beyond, through senior support from our University Leadership Forum champions, and a collaborative approach with our staff equality fora and underrepresented communities. 
  • Our employee voice programme offers a range of opportunities for colleagues to be heard and get involved. This includes our Employee Voice Survey, Equality and Diversity Staff Fora, Vice-Chancellor open door sessions, department Staff Voice groups and regular consultation events for our strategic programmes. Regularly gathering first-hand feedback from colleagues helps us to understand more about the employee experience and colleagues’ views in order that we can co-create change where needed.
  • At Manchester Met everyone has an important role to play. Our annual Staff Awards recognise outstanding contributions from individuals and teams. This peer led programme showcases the talent and commitment of colleagues and is an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate as one community at our live awards ceremony. In 2021, almost 1,000 colleagues were nominated by their peers for their work.
  • We aim to recruit, develop and motivate great people to achieve great things.

Our Office

Our External Relations department is based in a contemporary converted industrial warehouse adjacent to the campus and has hot desks and collaboration spaces. It is located within walking distance to the city’s many attractions and is well serviced by public transport.  Manchester is one of Europe’s best cities, and is one of the UK’s best-connected and culturally vibrant cities. Sport, music and culture all play a huge part in making this a diverse, welcoming and friendly place in which to live and work.

At Manchester Met we operate a hybrid working model as we recognise the benefits and importance of an environment that supports flexible working and are open to conversations throughout the application process.

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