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About us

Crown Agents Bank is a global wholesale bank, regulated in the UK, specialising in cross-border payments and FX for hard-to-reach markets for nearly 200 years. Through its unrivalled network, technology, and expertise it helps governments, institutions, and organisations de-risk access to underserved geographies and move money where it’s needed.

We believe that for an equitable and truly global market to flourish, organisations need to work with partners that understand the nuances of local markets to help mitigate risk, improve the flow of money, and create opportunities for individuals, businesses, and economies.

Career development

Crown Agents Bank has experienced ‘start-up’ like growth over the last few years and they are continuing on this trajectory. Joining the movement means you will have the opportunity to build on your experience with various internal learning and development initiatives as well as collaborate with industry leaders in FX and cross border payments.

Our mission

  • Vision for the market — An equitable and global market, where everyone can move money where it’s needed.
  • Mission — Our mission is to connect hard-to-reach markets to the global economy so money can move where it’s needed. 


  • Client focus — We listen to our clients and deliver innovative solutions that meets their needs. We build strong client relationships and are focused on providing an excellent client experience.
  • Impact — We strive to do business in a way that has a positive social and environmental impact.
  • Collaboration — We work best as one team and through partnerships we create an inclusive environment which allows everyone to bring their best to work and develop their full potential.
  • Integrity — We want to make a positive impact for our clients and employees. We operate with trust openness and honesty. 

Our people

Our people are key to our success in moving money to where it’s needed. No matter what you do at Crown Agents Bank, your contribution makes a difference. 

Our markets, clients and solutions are incredibly diverse, and we value the same level of diversity in our team – recognising that there is much to be gained from different backgrounds, experience and skill sets. We are always looking for talented people who are keen to make a positive difference in the world.