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Legal updates

At Page Personnel, our specialist recruitment consultants follow the latest industry news within the sectors we recruit for. This ensures that our clients are provided with the latest industry updates, which will promote positive change within their business. We also follow the wider business market in terms of legal updates, parental leave, flexible working, and diversity. We have over 40 years of experience in the recruitment sector, which means we are well placed to provide businesses and candidates with the information they need when hiring top talent or looking for new employment. Our specialist recruitment consultants can offer advice to help you refine your recruitment process, and as a result of this, attract and win the top talent in your sector.

Our legal updates range from information around employer’s liability insurance, to agency workers regulations. From a candidate’s perspective, we can help you to understand your rights in the workplace and what to look out for when applying and interviewing for new roles, in any industry. As market leaders, we work hard to increase awareness and improve the diversity and inclusion (D&I) within businesses. This extends to our advice content as we have highlighted a number of key topics to better inform our clients such. For example, disability in recruitment processes, to ensure that businesses are meeting the five commitments when considering applicants with disabilities for a job role. Regardless of your business size, we can help you to prevent discrimination and promote diversity in your business, our helpful articles showcase how to recognise discrimination and rectify it in your organisation, which will improve your employee happiness and business on a whole.

Our specialist recruitment consultants have created a range of articles for you to explore and are always happy to discuss how we can help improve your recruitment processes.

Browse our articles to get up-to-date with legal news updates and other general legal updates, or get in touch with one of our expert consultants today.