To help equip your business with the right talent, it is important to effectively assess your top candidates during the interview stage.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract and hire top talent across all business sectors and industries. When you come across a standout candidate, be sure that you are able to identify their potential and assess both their key soft and technical skills during an interview.

In a candidate-driven market, when top talent is in high demand, professionals often need a lot of convincing to change roles. This guide highlights the key steps to run a streamlined and effective recruitment process. We explore the importance of clearly defining the key skills needed to fill a vacancy, techniques for assessing soft skills and testing a candidate’s technical abilities. In summary, our guide provides an overview of how an effective process should run.

Key skills assessment steps outlined:

  • How to structure an interview
  • Effective questioning: the star model
  • A comprehensive assessment: balanced scorecard
  • Assessing a candidate’s soft skills
  • Assessing a candidate’s technical abilities
  • Testing your candidates
  • Industry-specific interview tips
  • Further reading

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