Do your research

First things first - find out as much as you can about your prospective employer. Visit their website to find out how they promote themselves online, check their share price, read press releases and familiarise yourself with their corporate history. If possible, have a chat with someone who is already employed there to find out more about what sort of skills are valued.
All of this will provide you with valuable insight into the organisation, their culture and modus operandi. You should also find out exactly where they’re based – their address, what floor they’re on and even which entrance to use – this minimises the risk of you being late!
Page Personnel Secretarial & Business Support will arm you with all of the necessary information, but nothing beats a little independent research. Your interviewer will be impressed when you display your industry and company know-how.

Be ready to ask questions

Panel? Competency based? You’re not able to choose the style your interview takes, but there is one sure way to impress even the toughest interviewer. Prepare some questions! Feedback we receive confirms that candidates who don’t ask questions are dismissed as unenthusiastic. We’ve provided a few to get you started:
  • How will you assess my performance?
  • Why has the position become vacant?
  • What are the long term opportunities for development?
  • What do you offer in the way of training?
  • How does the role fit into the structure of the department?
  • How does the department fit into the business as a whole?