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Top tips for a great HR CV

Your CV is your initial introduction to a potential employer and is your very first opportunity to impress. Whether you’re looking for your very first HR job or are thinking of moving on from your current role, a strong CV is essential for getting you noticed.
All HR jobs will require certain skills, so it’s important to make sure your CV shows off all your relevant attributes and experience. Here are our eight top tips:

1. Clear, concise information

Your CV needs to be clear, accessible and quick to scan. Employers should be able to access the information swiftly and easily. With that in mind, don’t write long passages of text and remember to add headings, concise descriptions and bulleted information.

2. Keep it relevant

Don’t write excessively about experience that has nothing to do with the HR job you’re applying for. Instead, focus on the most recent, relevant experience and make sure this is prominent in the layout.

3. Be objective

Don’t write long, rambling subjective paragraphs about how good you are at your HR job. There’s an expression ‘don’t tell me you’re funny, tell me a joke’ which basically implies that your abilities should do the talking. Let your skills and experience shine through on your CV.

4. Don’t get too creative

The professionalism displayed in the presentation of your CV and the information on it should be enough to make you stand out. Don’t be tempted to get too creative with your CV, coloured paper and unusual fonts will make it stand out – but unfortunately not for the right reasons. Be consistent with your fonts and font sizes and make sure everything is aligned neatly.

5. Don’t get too technical

If there are specific titles, institutes, qualifications, acronyms or software etc. on your CV that are not universally recognised – make sure you explain them fully. Don’t assume that every employer will always understand niche terminology.

6. Explain any gaps

Check through all the dates of the education, training and experience you’ve listed on your CV. If there are any gaps, make sure you briefly explain the reason. It’s fine to have a genuine gap, but it’s best to allay an employer’s concerns by giving an explanation.

7. Keep it fairly short

Typically, one or two pages will be ample length for a CV.

8. Be human

With HR roles, you’ll need to have good communication and interpersonal skills, so it’s a wise idea to include an ‘interests and activities’ section. By including some things that you’re genuinely passionate about outside of work, you can show your employer that you’re a well-rounded individual.
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