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Areas of the Public and Not-for-Profit Sectors

Each area of the Public and NfP Sector is different. A Financial Accountant's job in one area of the Public Sector could be very different to a Financial Accountant in another government agency. Size of the organisation also varies massively. We recruit for small local community groups and large global organisations - there is a lot of variety!
These organisations can largely be classified in the following categories:

Housing Associations

There are lots of exciting developments within housing organisations. This area is going through an exciting period of merger and acquisitions as organisations look to increase growth and their stock levels. Due to its size and particular rules and regulations the housing area is sometimes referred to as a sector in its own right. These types of organisations are fast having an impact on everyday life as not only are they taking over local authority ownership, they are also building and helping people to get onto the "property ladder" with part ownership housing.


Charities are also undergoing a change in culture as they increasingly look at new ways to increase their funding and develop their organisation. Candidates who have worked in the sector and have SORP exposure are highly marketable, as are those who have come from the commercial sector and are looking to extend their exposure.

Associations/Membership Bodies/Institutes

Increasingly like people who have not worked in the sector previously as they can build, learn and develop on their exposure from the public sector. An ability to deal with professional people is vital for someone working here.


Someone with a background within the arts sector is often highly sort after as the type of duties undertaken here can often be quite specialised. Someone with an affinity for the arts will often be more successful in this type of role.


The NHS is the largest organisation in Europe and employs over 1.2m people. There has been extensive investment of late - particularly geared towards systems development. Finance is central to any NHS organisation and is involved in all aspects of everyday working. Those with previous exposure here are highly sort after.


These types of organisation are largely found to have two types of finance functions. In schools there are usually the roles of Bursars which are available - people who control the finances of a particular school or college. The second type in Universities and large Colleges would normally be a standard finance function set-up.

Central Government and Local Government

The budgets within these types of organisations are huge and are comparable with those of large multi-national organisations where a lot of analysis work is undertaken. The CIPFA qualification is often one that is highly applicable for these roles.

Government Agencies

Include organisations like the police force. To work you often have to have been security cleared to a certain level - the main ones being CTC, STC and CRB. Anyone with a financial background who has this level of clearance is highly sort after.

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