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Finance recruitment in 2015 – tips for job seekers in the current market

The finance recruitment market is looking good for part-qualified finance professionals.  It’s a candidate-short market and organisations seem to be increasing headcount and reorganising teams.  Part-qualified finance professionals are in demand and salaries seem to be increasing.

Dealing with a counter-offer

The candidate-short market means that counter-offers are becoming increasingly common. Employers are trying to hold onto employees because recruiting replacements is costly and time-consuming. It’s important that as a job seeker in the current market, you understand counter-offers and their implications.  
The situation arises like this: you’ve been offered a new job and have resigned and now your employer has offered you a pay increase in an effort to convince you to stay. It’s important that you weigh up the new internal offer as thoroughly as you did the external option. Compare your two options. Which makes the best use of your skills and will develop your career in the direction you’d like to take it? How do you feel about each business and your existing and potential new manager? Which offers the best financial reward in conjunction with the other opportunities on offer?
The reality is that unless salary was the sole purpose for looking at new opportunities, counter-offers are rarely the answer. Most people who accept one find themselves looking for a new job a few months later, when the situation that caused them to explore the market still hasn’t been resolved.
The counter-offer situation can be a tricky one to handle and will take some careful consideration. 

Other useful tips if you're currently job hunting

  • Know exactly what you want from your next role. Finding a job you know you’ll love can be difficult enough without having to consider the people you’ll be working with and different types of office atmosphere. But if you don’t take the time to find out whether an organisation’s values align with your own, your dream job could end up being quite the opposite.
  • Your CV will be scanned for the right kind of experience. Ensure your experience, whether six months in one role or four years in another, comes across as consistent and relevant to the job you’re applying for. Be clear where you added value, and your exact contribution to any high profile project.
  • Ensure that you have positive references from previous employers. Referees are crucial to securing a job because what they tell an employer can potentially make or break your chance at a position within the company. 
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