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Company overview

Johnson & Johnson's commitment to innovative health care products has resulted in consistent financial performance. The Company has 73 consecutive years of sales increases and 44 consecutive years of dividend increases.
Johnson & Johnson, employing approximately 116,200 people worldwide, is engaged in the manufacture and sale of a broad range of products in the health care field in many countries of the world. Johnson & Johnson's primary interest, both historically and currently, has been in products related to health and well-being. Johnson & Johnson was organized in the State of New Jersey in 1887.
Johnson & Johnson is organized on the principles of decentralized management. The Executive Committee of Johnson & Johnson is the principal management group responsible for the operations of Johnson & Johnson. In addition, certain Executive Committee members serve as Worldwide Chairmen of Group Operating Committees, which are comprised of managers who represent key operations within the group, as well as management expertise in other specialized functions.
These Committees oversee and coordinate the activities of domestic and international companies related to each of the Consumer, Pharmaceutical and Professional segments of business. Operating management of each company is headed by a Chairman, President, General Manager or Managing Director who reports directly to, or through a line executive to, a Group Operating Committee. In line with this policy of decentralization, each international subsidiary is, with some exceptions, managed by citizens of the country where it is located.