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Job Confidence Index: What’s the Mood of the Nation?

Job Confidence Index: What’s the Mood of the Nation?

The state of the UK employment market and economy – and the prospects for job applicants as a result - are rarely far from the headlines, especially with the Brexit negotiations ongoing.  Facts, stats and reports on everything from employment rates to average pay increases circulate on a daily basis. 
But against this backdrop, how are job seekers actually feeling about their chances of securing a new role, landing a pay rise or learning new skills? And how does this level of confidence compare with applicants in other countries? This is what we set out to discover with our Job Confidence Index, a global measure of how optimistic job applicants are about the current employment market. 

63% of job applicants are confident the job market will get better

Use the tool below to reveal how many respondents to our UK survey said they felt confident about their job prospects and chances of a pay rise – and find out how it compares against the responses from job seekers around the world. Check back every quarter to see the updated results – and don’t forget to fill out the survey next time you apply for a job with us.

Job Confidence Index tool