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About us

Almost 80 years in the making, Sellafield is a pioneer for the UK’s nuclear industry, it supported national defence, generated electricity for nearly half a century, and developed the ability to safely manage nuclear waste.

We are responsible for ensuring that our activities are carried out:

  • safely, securely and predictably, with due regard for the environment
  • satisfaction of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
  • long-term interests of our organisation, our employees, the local communities and our supply chain partners

Please note: Images on this page were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Page Personnel recruits jobs with Sellafield
Page Personnel recruits jobs with Sellafield

Career development

At Sellafield Ltd, we take our work incredibly seriously. As a result, we take the skills of our people very seriously too. Whatever area you join us in, you’ll find genuine and long-lasting career development support. Not just in terms of training courses, but because of all the opportunities that exist to learn from those around you. There are industry leaders (sometimes world leaders) across our organisation and you’ll find these people very accessible.

Office culture

Sellafield Ltd is recognised as an inclusive employer, we treat our diverse workforce with respect and integrity, and recognise and value the contribution that is made by everyone.

Our employees

We have a manifesto which sets out the organisation that we want to be. The behaviours we want to see. And the clear purpose that we are all working towards.

Page Personnel recruits jobs with Sellafield

Our brand values

We deliver a UK mission, providing strategic capabilities and managing national assets and liabilities. 

Our priorities and focus are on three areas:

Safe, secure, sustainable site stewardship

Safety, security and sustainability are at the heart of what we do and who we are. Our purpose recognises the importance of the legacy we leave for future generations.

Progress at pace

We have made some significant steps over recent years, moving from design and build, to installation and operation in our legacy ponds and silos, completing some major projects and starting more. 

Lifetime value for money

Our investments in asset care, care and maintenance and decommissioning reduce the lifetime cost of the site or individual facilities.