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About us


Bedford Borough Council has undergone a major transformation programme designed to better deliver services meeting the needs of the community, partners and staff.  The Strategic Commissioning and Procurement plays a major role in the successful delivery of this programme.



Career Development


The team has a learning ethos combining the opportunity to work with experienced commissioning & procurement professionals with the potential for matrix working on projects that span a number of service areas.  The Council also has a well-supported staff development programme.


Our employees


This new team has a wide range of skills from both Public and Private Sector backgrounds bringing diverse experience. The team comprises managers, senior and officer levels that work together to deliver the commissioning and procurement function.


Office culture


This is a new team that brings together Commissioning and Procurement professionals to form a strategic, centre led function.  This is a fantastic opportunity to become a member of a team that has adopted agile working and has skills to deliver 21st Century Council services.


Brand values


The Councils ambition is to meet the needs of service users by:


  • Creating a flexible and adaptable workforce, with the skills to deliver 21st Century Council services

  • Empowering residents and communities to become self-sufficient

  • Streamlining processes, systems and resources to increase efficiency




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