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From its foundation, our company has consistently encouraged everyone to "make the most of their abilities".  Today as a global company, we maintain this commitment to supporting all colleagues to realise their full potential.  We view the personal and professional development of colleagues as a shared responsibility between the company and the individual.
You bring the drive and motivation; your manager provides support and encouragement and the company supplies the necessary tools and programmes.  We believe that when colleagues have opportunities for development, they gain the capabilities, confidence and motivation to continually contribute to our present and future business success.
Our approach to career development starts with attracting talented people to our company.  Within the company, we provide them a fulfilling and stretching experience by giving them the support and resources they need to grow and to contribute to our business success.  Depending on their career stage, different colleagues have different needs and expectations.  We aim to help everyone develop in line with their ambitions and abilities and the demands of our business.

What does it feel like to work for Cadbury?

This is probably one of the main questions you have in your mind, whether you are casually researching companies, thinking of applying for a new job or preparing for an interview .
People tell us that the great thing about working at Cadbury is that our people are friendly and our work environment is open and welcoming.  Visitors and consultants mention this warmth even on short visits and we also know from our regular employee surveys, that our colleagues feel a strong sense of pride in working for Cadbury.  We treasure these aspects of our culture because we recognise that they are essential in fostering an environment where teams and individuals can contribute to business results. People stay at Cadbury because they feel they can grow personally and professionally - being stretched, offered new challenges and finding the scope to make a difference to the business. As a result, Cadbury have been awarded "UK's 50 Best Workplaces".
Both our culture and our business energise people - just as expressed in our company purpose: "working together to create brands people love".  Our fast-moving and demanding competitive environment as well as our much-loved brands provides plenty of opportunities for people to grow and learn - applying their passions and contributing their original ideas.