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BT Wholesale

BT Wholesale provides comprehensive network services within the UK to more than 500 communication companies, network operators and service providers, including other BT businesses - BT Retail, BT Global Services and BTopenworld.
BT Wholesale seeks to build complete communications packages working with its customers to help them succeed in their business.
It offers connectivity to every corner of the UK and its strategy is to upgrade its network to next generation services, including ADSL, to extract efficiencies from the scale and scope of its operations, to broaden its customer base and satisfy demand for bandwidth by applying new technology to boost capacity and lower costs.
Its UK assets include fibre and copper networks, the core telecommunications network and local exchanges.
The BT Wholesale portfolio provides a comprehensive range of wholesale and service provider products including asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), internet protocol (IP) access, the bulk delivery of private circuits, frame relay and integrated services digital network (ISDN) connections for service providers and operators.