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BT Retail

BT Retail is the UK's largest communications service provider, by market share, to the residential and business markets. It trades under one of the UK's leading brands-BT- and is the prime channel to market for the other businesses in the BT Group. It supplies a wide range of communication products and services, including voice, data, internet and multimedia services, and offers a comprehensive range of managed and packaged communications solutions.
Its strategy is to improve the customer experience, control costs and increase cashflow, defend core revenues and build new revenue streams.
The core portfolio covers traditional telephony products such as calls, analogue/digital lines and private circuits. We believe that increased pricing innovation and package penetration, coupled with improved value-for-money perception, will fuel the drive for core market share. New revenue generation is focused on broadband, mobility, and information and communication technology (ICT).
BT Retail has three main customer groups: consumer (residential customers), major business (corporate customers and the public sector) and business (usually companies of up to 500 employees).
It has approximately 19 million consumer customers and [over one] million  business customers.
As at 31 March 2003, BT Retail had more than 28 million customer lines (exchange line connections), nine million of which were business lines and lines for other service providers, and the remainder of which were for residential customers.