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BT People

BT is operating in the fastest, most dynamic industry of our time.
The pace of change is accelerating, expectations and demands are growing - not only from our customers but also from our people.
As we observe the creation of new competitive models and the transformation of relationships between businesses and consumers so we are also witnessing the transformation of the relationship between employer and employee and with it the opportunities and challenges this presents.
Against this backdrop, our ability and need to anticipate future work force requirements and capabilities is vital if we are to harness the skills and knowledge we currently possess and have the proud, committed and highly skilled people we need to deliver the company's strategic imperatives.
Critical to the future success of the company is our ability to view our people at the forefront of change and to invest in our people - the company's intellectual capital through:
  • developing new wave skills and capabilities;
  • providing innovative and flexible employment solutions
  • encouraging and helping our people to acquire the knowledge they need to succeed in this 'new world'
  • creating internet thinking and applications at the heart of everything we do.
With the ultimate aim of:
  • positioning BT as 'Europe's most respected employer' and the UK's 'employer of first choice'
  • gaining competitive advantage through people who have the capability to shape and lead the market.