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BT Open World

BT Openworld, BT's mass market internet business, is one of the UK's leading internet service providers. It delivers broadband and narrowband services to more than 1.7 million business and consumer customers in the UK through
The company offers a wide range of internet access packages and payment options. Broadband packages include: BT Openworld Home 500 Plug & Go and Business 500 Plug & Go - self-install broadband products. Other products cover a choice of download speeds, from up to 500kbps, to up to 2Mbps, single or multi-user set-ups for PC or Mac, and static or dynamic IP addresses. BT Openworld also provides broadband over satellite for business users.
Narrowband products include: BT Openworld Anytime, BT Openworld Surftime, BT Openworld Connect Anytime - designed specifically for business customers, and Pay-as-you-go services.
BT Openworld also provides additional value-added services to business users, such as Wireless LAN, Teleworker and Web Design solutions.
BT Openworld is developing a range of applications and services available to its own customers and those of other ISPs.