The role of a manager is crucial within a sales team. In order to get the most out of your individual team members. You must recognise how each individual can best utilise their skills in a team environment to improve the overall performance of the department. We can help you to adopt a managerial style that will allow you to get the best out of your team – here are our top tips.

Encourage effectiveness

Every sales professional will benefit from being set realistic and achievable targets by their team leader. Sales teams should be working effectively towards a common goal, and this is done through ensuring that the right levels of sales activities are met across the business. 

Sales professionals are built on enthusiasm, and need this in their day-to-day role to maintain a high level of productivity. It is important to praise the successes of individual members, as this will motivate the rest of the team to succeed as well. Healthy competition within a sales office will help to drive a positive working culture and build relationships within the team. If you run an effective team, you will see the results on the bottom line.

Rewards and praise 

Working hard within a sales role doesn’t always reap rewards. This means that managers may have to motivate their team members more than usual if they aren’t hitting their targets or seeing positive results from their business development. It can be challenging for sales leaders but it is important for them to help motivate individuals, regardless of their successes or failures. Recognising success in the workplace is imperative for a positive culture. Managers can achieve this by praising a job well done rather than focusing on delivered sales.

Here are some key pointers on boosting team morale:

  • Set realistic targets
  • Facilitate flexible working
  • Have regular one-to-one catch-ups with management
  • Develop a structured and fair commission scheme
  • Promote bonus opportunities
  • Support a collaborative team environment 

Promote collaboration

Collaboration within a business is key to success in all industries. It is crucial for teams to be able to work together effectively. Due to the nature of sales roles, individuals may find themselves under pressure, however, connecting your team together through an inclusive company culture can give your employees the boost they need to feel happier at work, despite the stress the role may sometimes cause. Making sure that your team collaborates on a daily basis, will encourage business success as the team will be working towards a common goal, rather than simply focusing on individual performance. 

Boost training and development

A sales professional that is at the top of their game and maintains a comprehensive understanding of new sales techniques as well as a thorough understanding of their market, is highly valuable. Training and development within a sales team often occur whilst on the job, as professionals will find themselves confronted with situations that mean they have to think on the spot. However, additional support should always be provided where needed.

Offering regular one to ones with your staff will ensure that they are on track with their targets, and allows them the opportunity to speak to management about any concerns or issues they are struggling with on a day-to-day basis. Provide external training, one to ones, and personal development plans for each employee, to keep them motivated and ensure that they feel supported in the workplace.

The sales training opportunities that you are offering to your staff should be flexible and adapt to the needs of the business. Ensure your training programme is focused on new and relevant technology in the market, to stay ahead of the competition. Your training and development schemes should be relevant to specific industries and job functions, as this will help you to get the most out of your team.

If you are looking to recruit within your sales department, get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment consultants today. We can help you to streamline your recruitment processes, as well as provide you with a relevant shortlist of available talent in the sales sector.

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