There is nothing more counterproductive than a flawed recruitment process when looking to hire top talent in a law firm. It is becoming more common for law firms to miss out on their preferred candidate because of their inability to run a seamless recruitment process. This lack of productivity in recruitment processes is also affecting the retention of existing staff, as team members are left frustrated and over-worked.

Improving your recruitment process will give you a better chance of securing the right candidate and keeping your existing employees happy.

Stick to your timeframe 

It is important to have a final date that you need a new team member to join the business. It is important to consider all of the timeframes for the different parts of the recruitment process. Such as shortlisting CVs, conducting first and second round interviews, as well as the offer and acceptance stages that can also take time.

Keeping to a strict timeline will enable you to assess where the process may get held up, and allows you the time to prevent this from happening moving forward. Furthermore, recognising the time that you may be short staffed will give team leaders the chance to manage the workloads of existing employees, as well as managing expectations of the wider business at the same time. 

Work closely with your recruiter

A well-written job specification will attract interest from active candidates in the market. But, a recruiter can help you to tap into a market that may not be able to spend time trawling through job boards or reading detailed job specs. A recruiter can target a passive candidate base. Working with your recruiter closely so they are in a position to learn about your business and team environment inside out will enable them to sell the opportunity to prospective candidates more effectively. 

Don’t hesitate if you see a CV that you like

If you are handed a CV that you think is suitable for the position, don’t wait around before you arrange to meet the candidate. In the candidate-led market of today, top talent is secured quickly and you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to fill the role you are hiring for in good time. 

A quick response will show the candidate that you are keen to meet them and that you are really interested in what they could bring to your business. This, in turn, will make them feel wanted and will create a good first impression. If you get ahead of your competition, the candidate should lean towards your business if they feel the opportunity is right for them.

Conduct a comprehensive interview

An interview is a two-way process, it is just as important for you to sell yourself to the candidate, as it is for them to sell themselves to you. If the candidate has a better interview experience with a competitor, it is likely that they will accept an offer from them over you. It is good to discuss the exciting work your team is currently doing, your client base, and opportunities for progression. 

It is also important not to make any negative comments about your competition, and ensure that you tailor your questioning to different candidates, depending on their experience.

Give feedback after the interview

Businesses not providing feedback after an interview is the main annoyance endured by professionals. It is important to offer feedback on their interview performance, as they have taken time out of their day to meet with you. 

The legal market is very small, and professionals talk about their experiences with different firms. If you don’t give feedback to a candidate, their negative experience with your firm may put someone else off applying. If you have positive feedback for a candidate and wish to see them again, let your recruiter know so that they can help prepare the candidate for any second-stage interviews with senior members of the business.

Conduct second interviews quickly

If you need to conduct second stage interviews, it is important to keep the momentum going. If you’re aware that your candidate is in contact with other firms, attempt to make them feel a part of the team already. Take them for drinks, or arrange a coffee with the other members of the team. This will also help reduce any first-day nerves and allow them to connect with the team before they start.

Keep in touch throughout the notice period

It is important to keep in touch with your candidate throughout their notice period. This will make the move as seamless and stress-free as possible, with both parties knowing exactly what to expect of the new position.

Most importantly, buy-back has been a real issue for law firms, as candidates are often persuaded to remain at their current firm for an increased salary, better benefits or more responsibility. It is important to keep in touch with the potential candidate so they are reminded of the exciting new opportunity that awaits them after they depart from their current role.

If you are looking to hire within the legal sector, please get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment consultants today. At Page Personnel, we can source top talent for your firm, as well as help you to streamline and refine your recruitment processes.

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