Whether or not you’ve noticed it, your organisation will have its own ‘culture’. In its most basic form it could be described as the vibe or atmosphere people feel at your workplace, but it’s also your vision and objectives.

When you’re defining your company culture, consider the following.

  • What’s your company’s mission?

You should know what goals your business is working towards and all employees should be on the same page about the way to achieve them. If you have a set of core values, everything you do and the way you operate should be in alignment with them.

  • What are your promotions based on?

Do you promote people because of their leadership skills or to reward years of service and experience? Whatever your reasons, candidates will get an idea of what attributes you reward.

  • What type of customers do you attract?

One way of finding out what image you’re projecting is by assessing what type of customers or clients you attract, and what type of relationship you have with them. Chances are they’ll be likeminded people.

  • What do your employees say about your company?

If they’re speaking negatively about their workplace, this means something has gone wrong. Either they need to adapt and develop the way they work or you need to make changes that will ensure a happier working environment.

  • What does your management style say about you?

Normally, there is a relationship between the way a team is managed and the way a team feels about their organisation. Inviting open discussions with your team creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

You’ll probably find that your employees who are happiest and most productive in their roles are like-minded individuals, or that their values probably match those of your company.

It’s important to remember that when you’re going through the interview process, that you don’t simply choose a candidate; they need to choose you too. If they can’t see a future with your organisation they might decline your offer of employment. But how can a candidate evaluate whether they’d enjoy working for you or thrive and make a difference, if they have no idea what it would be like?

For more advice on attracting candidates, take a look at our article on employer branding, a topic that links closely with company culture, or to discuss your hiring needs, please contact your local Page Personnel office.

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