Some jobs in the UK provide private medical care as part of their package.

However, you may well be reliant upon the NHS, in which case it is important to find yourself a good doctor and dentist.


The National Health Service (NHS) is a public service that provides free or subsidised medical treatment to all British nationals and overseas nationals residing in the UK for six months or more.

Anyone intending to reside in the UK for six months or more must register with a local General Practitioner (GP). Once registered, you will be entitled to free medical advice and treatment. Should an emergency arise and you are not yet registered with a GP, you can utilise the Accident and Emergency services at any hospital.

In order to register with a GP you will need to contact your Local Health Authority and quote your postal code. They will then provide you with a list of local GP's from which you can choose to register.

Click here to find where your nearest GP surgery is.


Should you require a dentist whilst residing in the UK you will need to register with a National Health dentist, though you will have to pay for treatment.

The British Dental Association can also provide a list of dentists in your area +44 (0)20 7935 0875 or

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