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About Cadbury

Cadbury are almost 200 years young with a heritage tracing right back to 1824. It's a fascinating story of industrial and social development - the story of a small family business growing up, and joining with others, to become an international world leader. A story of technical innovation and secret recipes, marketing savvy and the creation of great brands.
It was John Cadbury, a young Quaker, who first set things in motion when he opened a shop in Birmingham in 1824. His original focus was the trade of tea and coffee, but he soon spotted a new opportunity in cocoa beverages and laid the foundations for Cadbury's move into chocolate and then confectionery.
In 2007, the decision was made to separate the Beverage and Confectionery businesses. The demerger of the Americas Beverages Business on 7 May 2008, marked the beginning of a new era for Cadbury plc with its vision to be the world's BIGGEST and BEST confectionery company. Today, Cadbury continues to operate with a deep rooted belief that doing good is good for business.
Cadbury operates in the global confectionery market. The market is large, growing and has attractive dynamics. Confectionery is the world's fourth largest packaged food market representing 9% of that market, and has a value at retail of US$141 billion. Chocolate is the largest category, accounting for over half of the global confectionery market by value.  Gum is the fastest growing confectionery category. Globally, confectionery is growing at around 5% p.a., faster than many other packaged food markets. Developed markets, which account for around 67% of the global market, grew 3% p.a. between 2001 and 2006.
We have a number one position in candy and a number two position in gum. Our chocolate share is built on regional strengths as is the case for the other top five chocolate groups. We have number one and number two confectionery market positions in 20 of the world's 50 largest confectionery markets by retail sales value. These markets accounted for around three quarters of our revenue in 2007. Our revenue in 2007 was approximately £5 billion across chocolate, gum and candy. We sold this to Asahi Breweries Ltd in March this year.
Our brands include many global, regional and local favourites. Our three largest brands are Cadbury in chocolate, Trident in gum and Halls in candy. Other important brands include: in chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Creme Egg, Flake and Green & Black's; in gum, Hollywood, Stimorol, Dentyne, Clorets and Bubbaloo; and in candy, Eclairs, Bassetts and The Natural Confectionery Company.
We believe that the business still has significant untapped potential - both in terms of top line growth and returns. By exploiting the strength of our leadership positions to continue to grow our market share and significantly increase our margins and returns, we aim to achieve our vision of becoming the biggest and best confectionery company in the world.
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