How to be a good manager

What does it take to be a good manager? While most of us have experience of bad ones, to understand their failings and actually become a good boss is no easy trick.
It demands patience, hard work and integrity – qualities that many in upper management appear to lose at some point in their climb to the top. Moreover, you need to balance the needs of your employees, yourself and the business – no easy task.
A good manager is one who not only cares about the people they line manage, but also manages to keep them motivated to help achieve the organisation’s objectives.

Tools to use

Some methods of demonstrating you actually care about your employees:
  • Genuinely fair appraisals
  • Realistic goals with the resources to meet them
  • Regular meetings – to encourage ideas and allow staff to express their opinions without fear of retribution
  • Motivational devices – after work drinks/team lunch/bonuses/public praise
  • Team-building exercises
  • Training – both for you and your team


A good boss should exhibit the following characteristics:
  • Helps employees understand the role they play in helping the organization achieve its aims. Understand what motivates each individual who works for you.
  • Communicate effectively each individual’s goals and provide them with the resources they need to meet their objectives.
  • Is a good listener, possessing compassion and humour.
  • Helps the employees under them achieve and develop their skills.
  • Not threatened by creative individuals: Is willing to judge an idea on its merits.
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