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An incredible product, with insatiable demand, even at the perfect price point, is worthless without a way to accept payment for it. Fibonatix is a Payment Services Provider specialising in providing customised global solutions for online businesses.

Brand Values

We strive for perfection, rejecting concepts such as "almost", "passable", and "OK". For us there is no middle ground, no "nearly" or "just quite", we see the world as either black or white, 0 or 1, we never settle for or are satisfied by anything less than perfect.

About our Employees

Our employees are more than just means to get things done. As members of Fibonatix each one of our employees is an ambassador of Fibonatix's core values, philosophy and way of doing business.

Career Development

We see ourselves as unique, motivated, and driven by a genuine desire to do good, to help businesses grow. We constantly seek like-minded people to share this passion with us.