Which office personality are you?


The feeder

“There are jaffa cakes in the kitchen! Dig in!” This person delights in feeding the office junk food. They smile triumphantly as the office gang guiltily indulge in one of the giant doughnuts they’ve just placed in the break out area.

The kitchen slob

This person leaves a trail of chaos wherever they go. They spill coffee on the counters in the kitchen and don’t clean it up. They make their lunch and leave dishes and crumbs all over the place. They explode smelly things in the microwave and leave things in the fridge to go mouldy. But, somehow, no one ever sees them do it...

The chatterbox

This person DOES NOT STOP TALKING. Everyone in the office avoids this person like the plague for fear of getting trapped in a corner and having their ear bent for half an hour.

The passive aggressor

This person won’t complain that others aren’t pulling their weight but they’ll go out of their way to talk about how hard they’re working and how many late nights they’re putting in. They’ll also leave passive aggressive notes in the kitchen about people being messy or eating their food.

The parent

This motherly or fatherly figure wants to look after younger colleagues or members of their team. You’ll often hear them saying such things as, “Have you eaten enough today?” or “Are you warm enough by the window?” You’ll find it easy to talk to this person in a work crisis or if you need a bit of a confidence boost.

The over-sharer

The TMI sharer has no censor. He/she is like your embarrassing relative after a bottle of wine at a wedding. They tell stories involving intimate details about their relationship or they talk in detail about a very personal health issue. Things generally get so awkward that you’ll strike up a conversation with the chatterbox just to avoid this one.

The beauty queen (or king)

This person looks effortlessly gorgeous every day, no matter what they’re wearing. Smart, casual or even ‘smart-casual’ is easy for them because they shop well and have great hair. It must be the conditioner.

The gossip

This one loves a scandal. Whether it’s true or not, the gossip thrives on, well, gossip. They’ll spend most of the day discussing a co-worker’s recent weight gain, crumbling marriage, office romance or financial troubles. You’ll often find them whispering to a fellow gossip monger or giggling conspicuously.

The noisemaker

This person is extremely annoying and they are totally oblivious to it. They make annoying noises like cracking their knuckles and drumming their fingers on the desk. They play their music too loudly so that the person in the cubicle next to them can hear it through their earphones.
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