Growing your career

Top management lessons from UEFA 2016

Euro 2016 is over and we look back over the past month to see what the world of business can learn from the tournament, teams and managers. 

Why dressing appropriately for work matters 

Five recruitment experts discuss  why dressing appropriately for the workplace matters.

How to deal with conflict at work

Conflicts are common in many organisations. Page Personnel provides advice on how to deal with conflict at work. 

Feeling overloaded at work? Ask for help
Overloaded and stressed at work? Page Personnel gives you some advice on how to ask for help. 

How to be happier at work
Your happiness at work is important. Page Personnel gives advice on how to be happier at work. Read more

Which office personality are you?
Which are you? What other personalities do you work with?

Do's and don'ts for your first week on the job
Preparation is key to a successful start in a new job. Essentially, you are still on trial for the first few weeks in any job and it’s important to set the right image from the moment you walk through the door on your first day.

Develop your personal brand
Think about some brands you like. Why do you choose these brands over others? How do they communicate with you and why do they attract your custom?

Ten little steps to office inspiration
Here are a few simple, easy and quick steps you can take in your working day to help boost your inspiration levels. Adopting these simple habits could help to keep you motivated and thinking clearly and creatively.

Banish the Monday morning blues
If you’re suffering from a lapse in motivation, here are a few helpful hints for busting your Monday morning downers.

A day in the life of an executive assistant
Gone are the days of old school typing pools. Nowadays, PAs are organising global events and managing budgets. Interested in a career as a PA? Wondering exactly what the role entails? We got the inside scoop from one of our top PAs.